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Bill Christoffers - Owner
Home Country: USA
Retiring from his professional career as the owner of an engineering firm and wanting to pursue a lifelong desire, Bill “Captain Bill” Christoffers founded Conch Club Divers in 1999. Prior to starting Conch Club Divers, Bill started a successful Grand Cayman dive operation, Dive ‘N Stuff, before relocating to Little Cayman in the late 90s. Since Bill was an owner at Conch Club Condos, it was a natural move to name his dive operation after them and currently CCD serves The Conch Club as their primary dive operation as well as other resorts and private rentals on the island.
Throughout his “real world” business life he operated by one philosophy…whatever it takes…and he knew he wanted to create an operation that embraced that belief and focused on the guests, understanding that everyone has different needs and we should cater to them rather than ask them to cater to us.

Doug Christoffers
PADI – MSDT, Specialty Instructor, EFR Instructor
Home Country: USA
Doug and his brothers grew up watching Jacques Cousteau and were swimming before they could walk, so they have always had a love and fascination for everything in the sea. Doug has been certified for 30 years and absolutely loves diving, especially teaching and introducing people to the life under the sea. Conservation is very important to him and he takes protecting the reef and animals very seriously.
He is originally from Toledo, OH and spent every summer boating on the Great Lakes with his family. He went to Miami U (OH) and moved to Grand Cayman after graduating in 1995, where he ran a dive operation and played rugby for the Iguanas. He had the privilege to tour with the rugby club on many occasions to many exotic locales. He has spent the last 14 years in TX, the majority spent as an operating partner for PF Chang’s China Bistro.
His love for the Caymans, the ocean and diving, called him back to the island and he is thrilled to be back in the game.

Craig Wiger
NAUI Instructor
Home Country: USA
Craig has followed his passion for being in and around water his entire life. Growing up on a little lake in Minnesota his father taught him to swim before he could to walk. Craig has pursued his passion for the water with his High School years swimming competitively, followed by four years in the Navy as a Search and Rescue Swimmer and Master Helmsman. Yes he used to drive warships for a living! Craig became a dive instructor in 1995 and has taught diving on Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, San Diego and even in Minnesota. After a long stint in Minnesota Craig sold his house and most of his possessions, bought a sailboat and motored down the Mississippi and sailed to the Cayman Islands with his trusty boat-dog Suko. He was planning on just stopping in the Caymans for a little while before heading to Panama and across the Pacific but the diving and the people on Little Cayman have convinced him to stay.

Stephanie Elizabeth
PADI MSDT, EFR Instructor
Home Country: England
Stephanie Elizabeth has been passionate about the underwater environment, its protection, and the creatures that inhabit it ever since she can remember. After finishing her degree in marine biology, she has spent the past few years working as both a scuba diving instructor and marine biologist. These adventures have enabled her to work all over the Caribbean in Honduras, Cuba, Belize and most recently here in Little Cayman. She loves encouraging people to gain a better understanding of the underwater and seeing the joy on people faces after a dive.

Tim Jackson
PADI – MSDT, Specialty Instructor, USCG-Licensed Captain, NAUI Instructor
Home Country: USA
Tim’s first dive happened when he snuck a breath off dad’s double hose reg in the pool. He was 6, he was hooked and he has been diving for 34 years. He was certified as a diver in 1982 (his other ‘certification’ is protected by HIPPA laws). He has over 4000 dives on Little Cayman and his favorite site is Mike’s Mount. Tim has been with Conch Club Divers since we started in 1999.
Tim taught at the university level, authored several novels and has a weekly blog, “Blacktip Island.” He has lived all over the world. He was born in Atlanta, went to kindergarten in Indonesia, graduated high school in Egypt and was educated everywhere in between.
“I like tacos and ’71 Cabernets, and my favorite color is magenta (name that movie).” Please, no speedos.

Peter Quilliam
Home Country: New Zealand
Peter started his diving career in New Zealand while diving for the Department of Conservation. From then on, Peter’s passion for diving and conservation has been a driving factor in his life. After living in Australia, The Maldives and Mozambique, Peter found himself on Little Cayman where he managed the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) for two and a half years.
After leaving CCMI Peter stayed on island to work on his new marine based citizen science company, Sea Crowd, that aims to turn all scuba divers into marine scientists. Conservation is a passion and exploring ways to protect the beautiful world we dive in is his highest priority. He loves teaching people about the wonders of the ocean world.